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Roblox offers one of the most customizable gameplay experiences among all the sandbox games in the industry. You can change the look of your Roblox character, how you move, and even how your world plays out. But, with so many customization options, many players forget to change the music they are listening to within Roblox. While some Roblox experiences have a good music collection, most of them might not fit your tastes. Fortunately, by using some of the best Roblox Song ID codes, you can take control of your music choices in no time. So, grab your headphones and dive in!

Best Roblox Song ID Codes (November 2022)

All the Roblox music codes in our guide are functioning as of November 2022. We have tested these Song ID codes in multiple Boombox experiences within Roblox. But if you still find a non-functioning music code, please make sure to point it out in the comments. Also, did we miss out on any popular Song IDs? Tell us in the comments and we will keep the article updated with your suggestions.

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Best Roblox Song ID Codes to Use in 2022

Starting off, we have listed the Roblox music codes that lead to some of the best and trending songs in the world right now. Some of them might already be on your playlist, while others can be entirely fresh. Either way, they are perfect to keep you hooked on jamming sessions within your Roblox world or annoy other Roblox players with raining tacos (:P).

With that said, let’s explore some of the best trending Roblox music codes:

Track Name Roblox Song ID Code
Tokyo Machine – Play5410085763
The Rolling Stones – Paint It, Black6828176320
Koven – All for Nothing7024143472
Chicken Nugget Dreamland9245561450
Drake – God’s Plan1665926924
Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger291895335
Christopher Michael Walters – Everything1837014514
One Piece1838028562
Parry Gripp – Raining Tacos142376088
Changing World (A)1842471943
Deep And Dirty1836785943
Portrait of You7023435987
Cyber Music6911766512
Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal4883181281
Face Off7795812961
Happy Music1848239370
Light It1840006854
I Want You To Be My Man1839707917
Lovely Day1839481371
Labor of Love1843541645
Pushing Forward1843528841
Higher & Higher1837256919
Squid Game RLGL7535587224
I See Colors7023720291
Lil Mosey10460286916

Dialogues and Meme Music Roblox Codes

Not every Robloxer wants to dance to the finest tunes. Some just want to have fun and create a bunch of chaotic moments. If you are one of them, we have the perfect music for you. The following list features some of the funniest meme-based Song ID codes for Roblox.

Track Name Roblox Music ID Code
Scary Ambience2893921424
This is Sparta130781067
Kid Rages In Minecraft2618158728
FBI Open Up2276169441
JoeyDaPlayer – You Have No Life1282209285
Minions – Bee Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo130844390
Everybody Do The Flop130778839
I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up130768088
That’s My Purse130760834
Elevator Music9119119619
Run. Now. What. How.5978550333
Can You Hear Me4769589095
Better Call Saul Theme9106904975
I’m in My Mom’s Car170041353
Whatcha Say168208965
Windows XP Theme1626996526
We Got to Have Money130763583
Loud Ooooh4551648646
Nightmare Music6991661856

Why Are Popular Songs Not Available as Roblox Song ID Codes?

As you might have noticed while exploring the list above, there are almost no mainstream pop, k-pop, or hip-hop songs available as Roblox music ID codes. This is because of Roblox’s audio update, which was released on 22nd March 2022. To tackle the ownership issues around copyrighted music assets, Roblox made all the audio files private by default. Moreover, they also limited access to audio files that are longer than 6 seconds.

Since then none of the players have been able to access general popular music within Roblox. However, a few songs make it into the game every now and then in their remixed form. But if you are looking for Roblox song IDs for K-pop music hits from BTS or Blackpink, there is no hope left. The situation is the same for English, Spanish, and all other popular songs. Even the community hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley doesn’t have a working Roblox music code anymore.

How to Use Roblox Music Codes

Nonetheless, if you wish to use the music codes listed above in Roblox, you have to enter them into a Boombox. These are useable items that you can purchase from the Roblox store and utilize in several experiences. It doesn’t matter which boombox you buy as Roblox has a central music database. Though, we suggest only purchasing the boomboxes that are compatible with the Roblox experiences you play on.

Not to forget, some experience servers might even charge a game pass fee for using the book box. Fortunately, you can also test the music codes for free before purchasing a boombox. Here’s how.

1. First, launch Roblox on your platform. Then search and join the Catalog Heaven (visit) experience by tapping the play button. Keep in mind that the launch page of this experience might look different on your platform.

50 Best Roblox Music Codes (Working Song IDs) (3)

2. Wait for the experience to load and click on the catalog button present in the top middle section of your screen.

50 Best Roblox Music Codes (Working Song IDs) (4)

3. Then, search for the boombox within the catalog using its search bar. We are using the “Golden Super Fly Boombox” for our guide. Feel free to choose any boombox of your choice by clicking on it. After selecting the boombox, click on the “Close Catalog” button at the top.

Note: Please make sure you equip the boombox gear instead of a wearable boombox item. Only boombox gears can play Roblox music/ song ID codes. The gears are usually present at the bottom of the search results.

50 Best Roblox Music Codes (Working Song IDs) (5)

4. Next, if you are playing on a PC, press the “1” key to equip the boombox. Meanwhile, players on other platforms can equip it manually.

50 Best Roblox Music Codes (Working Song IDs) (6)

5. Finally, tap on the equipped boombox your character is holding. The game will show a pop-up, where you can enter the Roblox music code. Once you do that, press the “Play” button.

50 Best Roblox Music Codes (Working Song IDs) (7)

Working Roblox Music Codes for Pop Music, Memes, and More

Whether you want to impress your friends or showcase your silly dance moves, the Roblox music codes are ready to back you up. But they are not the only character definition element. You can also try out some of the best Roblox outfits to stand out from the crowd. Though, to use them you first have to learn how to customize your Roblox character in-game. With that said, have you come across any good Roblox Song ID codes? If your answer is yes, don’t forget to share your codes with the other readers in the comments below.

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