Signs an Infant Might Be Highly Sensitive — Julie Bjelland (2023)

Signs an Infant Might Be Highly Sensitive — Julie Bjelland (1)

Studies show that highly sensitive children can excel in life even further than non-sensitive children when given the right types of support. These same children can develop more significant problems as adults, such as anxiety and depression if they don’t have the proper support. Identifying your sensitive child as early as possible can be essential. What are some ways you can discover this trait as soon as the first year of life as infants? Through a combination of research, and polls of parents, I’ve found that the following manifestations may be an indicator of having a sensitive child.

  • Advanced in speech and development

  • Pick things up fast

  • Highly observant

  • Frequent overstimulation (fussy/meltdowns/crying) around lots of people

  • Sensitive skin (prone to rashes)

  • Might be more sensitive to chemicals in skin wipes, cleaners, laundry detergents, etc

  • More prone to Allergies

  • More food sensitivities (increased gas/spitting up) and even to textures of food

  • Can be more sensitive to things mother eats if breastfeeding

  • Sensitivity to certain textures in the environment, even seams in socks, tag, etc

  • Strong reactions to being wet, dirty, or sticky

  • Preferences for adults with softer energy levels or voices

  • Sleep sensitivities, need more time to fall asleep or stay asleep

  • Greater noise sensitivity

  • More temperature sensitive

  • Separation anxiety (especially if parents have anxiety or high stress)

  • Need to be held a lot

  • Harder to self-soothe

Several factors can impact the degree to which we might see some of these traits in an infant, including the parent’s own sensitivity level and their engagement and response to the infant. Even the parent’s stress levels, mood, and energy levels can impact sensitive infants. If, for example, a parent is highly stressed or anxious, their stress, body language, facial expressions, and reactions affect the child. One of the best things we can do for sensitive children as parents are the following:

  • Do your own self-care so you can be centered, which will help you be more in-tune to the needs of your child, feel more patient, and have the energy it takes to meet your needs and theirs so you can all live in balance and harmony. If your needs are not met, it will be harder to meet your sensitive infant's needs.

  • Learn all you can about the trait. I have many resources for HSPs, such as books, podcasts, articles, blog posts, free Masterclasses, courses, etc., and encourage you to explore my HSP resources dedicated to spreading awareness and education of our trait. If you understand the differences and the needs of your sensitive child you will be more equipped to help them thrive to their highest potential.

  • Connect to other HSPs. We have an HSP parenting/grandparenting topic in my Sensitive Empowerment Community! Come connect to other highly sensitive parents!

Join a supportive community

With the right type of care and advocacy of what your sensitive child may need, you will enjoy the many gifts that come from raising a highly sensitive child. They tend to be so loving and compassionate and are such great gifts to our world!

Want to learn more about raising a highly sensitive child? Check out the podcasts I’ve done on the subject. Be sure to subscribe to my HSP blog to stay up to date on the latest research and information too. ❤️

Julie Bjelland is a psychotherapist specializing in high sensitivity, Author of The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person, host of The HSP Podcast, and founder of the Sensitive Empowerment Community. Her books, blog, online courses, and free Masterclasses have helped thousands of highly sensitive people (HSPs) worldwide reduce their challenges, access their gifts, and discover their significant value to thrive to their fullest potential. Her HSPs in Heart-Centered Business Group connects and supports HSP healers and practitioners. Julie loves connecting in her Sensitive Empowerment Community and warmly invites you to join this positive, safe, and welcoming space.❤️🌈❤️ (she/her)


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